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Johan Wahlström






Limited edition




3.500 Sek

Johan Wahlström - M

  • Johan Wahlström

    Johan Wahlstrom from Stockholm, Sweden is an artist who is making a conscious effort to describe the social political landscape of our contemporary world.

    He is mostly known for his ironic series Social Life/Disconnecting that gives a perfect sense both from a conceptual as a formal point of view of this estrangement. He is a magnificent observer of our social life’s.

    He is a fifth-generation artist on his mother’s side. His first creative direction was rock and roll, where he had a successful and long career as a keyboardist and singer, touring with Ian Hunter, Graham Parker, Mick Ronson and many Scandinavian artists. After 18 years, the rock and roll life caught up with him. Wahlstrom moved to a small village in France where he did nothing but paint for seven years, part of that time under the tutelage of Swedish artist, Lennart Nystrom. Wahlstrom’s narrative paintings of heads and torsos are inspired by cryptic, often ironic social critiques that he collects on scraps of paper in his studio. Wahlstrom lives and works in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

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