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Alex Ross is considered one of the most influential and well-respected comic book artists in the history of the field.

Masterfully blurring the line between fantasy and reality, he takes a medium traditionally confined by two dimensions and gives it the illusion of a third. Working almost exclusively with gouache paint, his dramatic composition and command of figural motion are unrivalled.

A love of superheroes arose as a young child, when Alex’s admiration of his ministerial father’s morality and the heroic deeds of his own fictional characters intertwined to spark a passion for drawing dynamic, fantastic personas. His gift for photorealism was discovered at the American Academy of Art, where he researched comic book illustrators like George Pérez and Bernie Wrightson.

Alex says: “The connection to a person feeds my imagination. If all I ever looked at was comic books for reference, everything I did would just be flat.”

Fotograf Marcus Almqvist

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