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The painter, graphic artist and sculptor James Rizzi was born 1950 in Brooklyn in New York, where he spent his childhood. Rizzi attended the business school at the "University of Florida" in Gainesville. Gradually he turned to the art and finally in 1974 graduated from the subjects of painting, graphics and sculpture. In the first years after his college education Rizzi sold his prints and paintings on the streets of New York (in addition to the Museum of modern art and the Metropolitan Museum). In 1977 James was asked to present his works at the joint exhibition "Thirty Years of American Printmaking" at the Brooklyn Museum, involved Andy Warhol, Jim Dine, and Roy Lichtenstein. Since then he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and enjoyed success through the world.

Rizzi colorful 3D graphics from the world of sports have become popular collector's items with high appreciation potential. So the picture "New York Marathon for all" In 1997, for example, issued at a price of US $ 4500 and was $ 15,000 traded after already 5 years with more than US - Other pictures even achieved an even higher increase in value!

Fotograf Marcus Almqvist

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