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After studying free painting at the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts—an experience he didn’t enjoy at all—he made an early career painting VHS cover artwork, and as an illustrator and creative designer of record sleeves, predominantly for metal bands. His reputation grew as the designer of a number of cover spreads for the German press. A master of the craft, Krϋger has since painted artwork which ended up on the front cover of internationally - recognised publications such as Der Spiegel, Rolling Stone and Stern.

Turning away from commercial work in order to devote himself to the painting style he had studied at at art school, Krϋger found a way to evolve his previous ‘star caricature’ aesthetic into what he describes as New Pop Realism, a genre his works have come to define. These works range from pencil drawings, to near abstract paintings and the photo-realistic. His primary medium is acrylic paint, which enables him to craft paintings that are hyper-realistic in detail, but also somewhat grotesque in their distortion of bodily form.

Fotograf Marcus Almqvist

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